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Using your chi card or orgone generator to energize specific areas of your house

Started by renny79, Apr 24, 2024, 01:27 PM

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You can use your chi card or orgone generator to energize a specific area of your house. There are many reasons you might want to energize parts of your house with chi energy. You can set an intent, as you energize the area, for the chi energy to work in a specific way. A few possibilities:

Energizing your office area with the intent that you are more focused when you're in your office at your desk.

Energizing your meditation area with specific energies to aid in meditation.

Mind awake, body asleep as an example when attempting to project your mind outside your body in meditation.

Sending relaxation energy to the area where you nap or sleep at night.

For this process, you print out your chi card, if you don't have an orgone generator. Take a picture of the area you want to send energy to. If you take a picture with your phone you can either print it out, or use it as the "target" in the manifestation program. If you don't have a manifestation program, print out the picture of the area of your house, place it with your chi card or orgone generator, and write your intent for the area on a piece of paper, while feeling to the best of your ability, the feeling which you're wanting in that area. You will notice a difference in the specific area.

If you have a manifestation program, you can use the jpg of the area as the main target, and choose filters which represent what you want to feel in the area. Examples of possible filters to use from the aod 48 pack of the program:

For your office space: concentration, money, inspire creativity, solve problems

For meditation: highly tuned instincts, aid meditation, increase ability to project, spiritual strength

For relaxation, sleeping area: balance/harmony, stress relief, calm emotions

For your workout area: Energy, overcome fatigue, strength/energy/vitality, physical energy

For a general positive feeling: excellent teamwork, optimism and success, calm emotions, overcome worry

For your relationship: solidify love, balance/harmony, solve problems, calm emotions, improve domestic relationships, control anger

I will be writing more posts around these topics individually but this post should give you an idea of some of the possibilities. Feel free to comment here and ask any questions you might have, or offer suggestions for future posts

If you don't already have an orgone generator and you're located in the US you can check out the catalog here:

you can buy the digital filter packs there as well for $50.00 and print them out. Or purchase a manifestation program. To check out some filter samples:

There is a free chi energy transfer test at or on the chi card site

let me know if you have any questions