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Started by renny79, May 16, 2024, 03:28 PM

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If you'd like to get a link to download a zip file with the alphabet of desire filter pack (this is 48 filters pulled from the various packs, images that you print out and can use with your orgone generator or chi card) you can sign up for the life manifestations newsletter.

The alphabet of desire filter packs have the following filters:
Alphabet of Desire Digital Download Filter Pack

Gain Favors, Friendship ,Charisma, Excellent Teamwork, Self Trust, Find a Good Job
Help with Completion, Balance/Harmony, Stress Relief, Energy, Overcome Fatigue, Strength/ Energy/ Vitality
Securing Success, Optimism and Success, Solve Problems, Gambling Luck, Money, A New Love
Solidify Love, Erotic Thoughts, Artistic Success, Overcome Worry, Calm Emotions, Protection from Physical Danger
Reverse Evil, Destroys Plots and Tricks, Highly Tuned Instincts, Concentration, Inspire Creativity, Power of Persuasion
Leave Undesirable Situation, Aid Meditation, Increase Ability to Project, Mental Healing, Improve Domestic Relations, Physical Energy
Spiritual Strength, Escape Danger, Control Anger, Avoid Unwanted Person, Change of Luck, Good Fortune
Safe Journey, Divorce/Leave Lover, Increase Intelligence, Comfort Sorrows and Suffering, Win a Lawsuit, Help a Child

 The welcome email contains a link to download the filters. You then print them out and use them with your chi card or orgone generator

To learn more about the filters see: