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Manifestation Techniques with chi cards

Started by renny79, Mar 18, 2024, 03:34 PM

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A Practical Guide to Manifestation

If you're serious about manifesting real change in your life, chi cards and chi generators offer an advantage over other methods. I will share a few steps you might want to take and offer insights into how you add in the use of chi cards and the basic manifestation program, or your chi generator. If you don't have a chi card already, you can get a free trial card and feel the difference carrying real power in your wallet will make in your life. A three day trial can make a difference before you even spend a cent

Manifestation Techniques and using a chi card or chi generator to power your manifestation

Vision Boards. To Create a vision board, you find images that represent what you'd like to create in your life. Grab magazines and cut out pictures to form a collage. If you have a chi card put a printed copy with your vision board and energize it. If you have a chi generator, create an energy transfer (two identical images printed) and place one with your chi generator and the other with your vision board. You can also place the vision board with your chi generator or take a picture of the vision board and place that with your chi generator or chi card.

Affirmations. Affirmations are a technique that demonstrates where your thought flows, energy grows. Normally you would repeat an affirmation over and over again, concentrating on it until it becomes part of your thought process. You can add energy to your affirmations using a chi card or chi generator. Write out affirmations and place them with your chi card or chi generator. I also have a chi card which you can subscribe to and have an affirmation added directly to your card. The chi card is $5.55 a month. You can subscribe to the positive energy card and then email and let me know the affirmation you'd like to have added to your card and i can send an affirmation card instead.
Examples of Affirmations: This is continued from the Affirmations topic above. Short affirmations work best for the affirmation chi card and usually for affirmations in general. Here is a basic list of affirmations: I embrace happiness. I am successful. Success comes to me easily. I live an authentic life. I live a creative life. I live a life overflowing with joy. My heart is overflowing with joy. Success is my natural state. I am bold and outgoing. I am confident. I easily adjust to new situations

 Visualization. As a manifestation technique, visualization is an easy one to work with. You simply imagine yourself living the life you'd like to live. You can add to this technique by carrying a chi card on you. You can buy a basic manifestation program through the chi card site  and use the filters included to add to what you want in your life. You can use any jpg image as a filter of your own as well. Just go to google and search for images (for instance search for money, or vacation pictures of places you'd like to go). You can then use those images in the place of filters or use some of the many filters included. Adding chi energy to your visualizations will add power to your life.

Scripting. Write out a description of your life as though you already are living the life you want. Get out a journal and a favorite pen and write out the life you'd like to be living. Make yourself the central character of the story of your life. This technique is an easy one to add power to. Once you have it written out, simply place it with a chi card or chi generator and power it.

How long should you power these manifestation techniques? The amount of time varies, but with vision boards you can leave a chi card with it and constantly power your vision. This will add power to your images continuously. With affirmations, if you have an affirmation chi card, it will also continuously be powered. Every once in a while pull out the card and read the affirmation to remind yourself of what you'd like to have in your life. With the scripting technique, place it with your chi card for a few hours and then put it away somewhere and wait a while. I've worked with the scripting technique and picked up my journal a year or so later only to notice that much of what I'd written out, had become an active part of the life I was living.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me

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