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Powering your life with vision boards

Started by renny79, Mar 18, 2024, 03:21 PM

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To learn more about chi cards

To learn more about orgone generators and to see the catalog of orgone generators available for purchase within the US:

Chi generators or Chi Cards can be easily adapted to almost any practice which you may have already developed thoroughly or are currently developing

Do you wish to reach deeper meditative states? You can achieve this by setting yourself as the target, and a trend of "I am falling deeper and deeper into a meditative state" You can even use specific low frequencies to achieve results more quickly.

Have you been practicing Joe Vitale's 5 steps to manifestation? We add a sixth step: Boosting results you're already getting with beneficial life force.

Are you struggling to get in the Vortex with Esther Hicks and Abraham? Chi Generators can help.

Interested in connecting with your guides and decoding the messages you're receiving every day? A trend to improve intuition can help with this.

You're already working hard to improve your life. Chi Generators or a Chi Card can lift some of the burden off of you, while lifting your mood and your vibration.

You might be thinking: I can create changes without ever using an orgone generator or chi card, and you're right. The formula for manifesting is: Target (Who or what you want something to happen for) + Trend (What you want to happen) + Energy Source (It takes energy to manifest) = Successful Manifestation. I'll walk you through the process of a treasure map for a new relationship and demonstrate the difference more life force can make. (Hint: More life force = quicker results)

Version A:

Draw an image to represent the partner you want to attract into your life.
Write out characteristics you want this partner to have.
Fold the paper and place it in your wallet or purse.
Every chance you have, pull out the paper and focus on it.
Wait for results.
Still waiting?
In this example, the target is the partner you're attracting to yourself. You could also read the target as being yourself.
The trend is the new relationship with a partner embodying the characteristics you listed.
The energy source is your own focus, which brings life force from the space around yourself and from within.

Eventually, the relationship will come into your life, but for the best chance at more rapid results, adding more life force to the mix is beneficial. You can do this by spending more time meditating to increase your own supply of life force, or you can use technology. You can choose to walk to New York from Texas, drive to New York from Texas, or fly to New York from Texas. All three are legitimate means of transportation, but I know which is easier.

Version B:

Draw an Image to represent the partner you want to attract into your life.
Write out the characteristics you want this partner to have.
Focus for a few minutes on the paper and place it with your chi generator or chi card.
Go out and do something nice for yourself. You deserve it.
Wait a few hours and then turn off the machine freeing it to work on your next manifestation.
In a few days you might want to repeat the process. You can leave the list as it is, or modify it as you think of new characteristics you forgot to add the first time.
More Life Force = More efficient, quicker results! It really is that easy.
You can use chi generators to boost your vision boards as well.

Vision Boards:

Create a vision board for your life by choosing images that represent what you want life to look like.
Forget for a minute all the stresses and pressure that threaten to boil over inside you.
Use your intuition as you choose images from magazines.
This moment, you are a kid again and the sky is the limit.
You can be anything, you can have anything, you can feel anything and no one can stop you.
After all, you're going to be president one day.
Buy some rubber cement and poster board.
Paste the images firmly in the knowledge that this is your life you're pasting there.
It's all waiting for you.
Once your vision board is in place, to boost the effect even more, energize it with life force.
Leave it charging for as long as you feel it's necessary or desired.

Power your affirmations with life force

Spend time finding affirmations that resonate with you.
Go through the usual steps of posting them where you can see them.
Bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, sticky notes in your office.
Similar to the treasure maps, in the traditional methods, life force is brought into the affirmation through your focus.
For this reason, without this extra life force, it's important to focus on the affirmations many times throughout the day.

With a chi generator, you might still enjoy focusing on affirmations many times a day, but it's not necessary.

Place the affirmations with your chi generator or chi card and turn it on.
Focus on the affirmation when the mood strikes, secure in the knowledge that the chi generator is doing the heavy lifting for you.
It's holding your focus, helping you stay in the positive vibration of your affirmations for longer and longer periods of time, boosting your mood, while filling you with life force and positive energy.