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How to see/ feel orgone energy, life force, chi - Magick of the Future Course

Started by renny79, Dec 05, 2023, 04:40 PM

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Learn How to See Life Force

Although this is not absolutely necessary for your beginning of magical practice, it is good if you learn to see life energy.

Practice #1: Hold both hands in front of you, about one foot from your eyes. Do so with a neutral background such as a wall. Have the fingers of both hands touch each other. Now very slowly pull the hands apart and see the "strings" that are still connecting the fingers that separate from each other. For some people it may take a bit of training, but it's not difficult.

Practice #2: Hold one end of the wand in one hand and touch the other end of the wand with the index finger of your other hand. Slowly pull the index finger and wand apart from each other and observe the "luminating" bridge, or string. If you have seen the string, you know why I call it "luminating."

Practice #3: Same as before, but pull apart rather rapidly, up to four inches. Chances are that you see a short emanation from both, the finger and the wand. Now you give the mental command for the two emanations to join into a luminating string. This is your first experience to direct life energy with your mind

Learn How To Feel Life Energy

magical life force emanation from the hands

Practice #4: Take the wand and point it to sensitive parts of your body.

1. Feel one end of the wand with the palm of any one of your hands. To feel the life energy, hold the palm about one inch from the end of the wand.
2. Point the wand to the wrist of the hand, again one inch away. You can also download a chi-card and treat it the same way.
3. Hold your fingers in front of the wand, one by one.
4. Point the wand toward the area of the forehead that is in the center between the eyes, one inch away.
5. Do the same thing with any other area of your body.

The feeling that you get is your individual experience. Some persons feel a tingling. Others feel a slight cool breeze. Most persons feel a gentle warmth. What you feel depends very much on what group of nerve endings respond first. The person who is kinetically oriented responds with a feeling of a tingling or breeze while the visually oriented person feels warmth. What happens in this experiment is the following: Your life energy field is stronger than the energy field of the wand. Therefore you draw life energy from the wand. When this life energy enters your body it stimulates the tactile nerve endings in your skin. You experience this stimulation of nerve endings as a feeling of warmth, a tingling, or a breeze. You have this feeling even though there is no wind or high temperature between the wand and your body.