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The Rune Fa - Rune Magick Course - highlights

Started by renny79, Dec 04, 2023, 03:10 PM

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Access Keywords, Meanings, and Correlations of
the Runes FA and UR

The Rune FA 

Fa is the Rune of original fire.  It is a Rune that symbolizes the cosmos and the universe.  FA symbolizes fire that acts creatively.  It is will that sparks manifestation down to the material levels.  FA is one of the Runes that rules the Salamanders, spirits of the fire element.  It symbolizes change from within the creative levels and spiritual creation.  FA represents the Phoenix that rises from its ashes.  It is a Rune of fate, of mobility, and of wealth.

Uses of FA:
You can use Fa to attract and absorb Solar and Lunar energy as well as the energies of the planets and fixed stars.  Practice this absorption of energy with the body posture of FA.

FA also strengthens the personal magnetism.  On the etheric planes it symbolizes the electric fluid.  Practice of FA strengthens the spiritual powers.  It is useful at the beginning of any healing.

Fa is one of the Runes that you use to transfer energies.  It is helpful in your practice to unfold the original fire.

Time of the Year:  December 22 through January 12.

Rune Zodiac of 18:  0 degrees Capricorn to 20 degrees Capricorn.
Note:  The correlation with the degrees in the zodiac is an affinity not an exact superimposition.  This means that the astrological zodiac may have its beginning anywhere in the Rune zodiac.  The Rune zodiac has 18 Rune months of 20 degrees each.

Number:  1

Mantra:  fffffffff (visualize fire or a bright red and flaming Fa symbol).
Note:  Put the emphasis on the f-sound!  some people make the mistake to chant faaaaaaaaaa, with hardly and "f" at the beginning.  Chant:  ffffffffffffaaa (much more "f" than "a"!)