A message from Renny to my Orgone Tech Community Family.

It's with a heavy heart that I'm creating this page. If you're reading this it's because you probably still check on the Orgone Tech Forum page from time to time. On December 20th 2021 my father Karl Hans Welz passed away peacefully at his home. Right up until his passing he was full of life. He cracked jokes, lived a full life, and stayed in shape. My dad was my hero and the most intelligent person I've ever met. It's rough to think of a life without his skype calls, and random dad jokes... but I'm comforted knowing his energy lives on and he's right beside me. Usually I can find words but for this one, I'm at a loss. Just know, I know some of you are grieving and I'm right there with you.

You can view his full obituary here: https://www.lakesidefuneralhomega.com/obituary/karl-welz

If you want to reach me by email (To ask questions, order software, or just whatever reason), contact me through this link: contact renny by email

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If you're looking to order a chi generator, the following links will help. For US only, you can order through renny by ordering through http://www.chi-card.com/orderinfo/c_paypal.html
For International orders: https://www.orgonegenerator.com
For EU: https://www.lifeenergyequipment.com/EU/

If you'd like to chat with live help: http://www.hscti.org/lh