How to strengthen an existing love
Here is a Tarot card spell from welz magic of the future, you will need to set this up using any of welz chi gens, but ive noticed using the CEG 1000 quite flexible when using tarot card spells, you can also boost the effects of this ritiual if you perfom it on friday hour of venus.


Position 1: VIII (Strength) Position 2: II (The High Priestess) Position 3: I (The Magician) Position 4: XVII (The Star) Position 5: XVIII (The Moon) Position 6: Left: III / Sig Female Middle: VI Right: IV / Sig Male Position 7: XIX (The Sun)
Frequency: Normal to high Timing: Until results show. At least 4 hours daily.

Additional Remarks: Obsession will cause a severe psychic interference. Therefore, if you are obsessed with the person in question, you need first work a spell that cures your or your client's obsession.

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