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Thread: why some people fail big time with the Chi Generator.

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    why some people fail big time with the Chi Generator.

    First of all, why should you remove all negativity? Why can’t you just use your Chi Generator to attract love, money or anything that you want?
    Well, negative environments provide severe blocks and interference. Not only do they do that, but they also attract more negativity.
    So, imagine this situation: you are sitting with your Chi Generator trying to bring money into your life, and negative blocks simply stop all of the good energy, attract more negative energy, and at the end, you may start to believe that the Chi Generator doesn’t work for you.
    Here is something interesting that happens if you do this: since the Chi Generator can amplify any energy, good or bad, whatever you want to call it, it can also help you attract the exact same energy it amplifies.
    So, now, not only do you attract more negativity with the Law of Attraction, but you also boost it with a Chi Generator.
    And as soon as you do an operation subconsciously believing that it will not work out – you will be very surprised how correct you are.
    That is why some people fail big time with the Chi Generator. Or they have only partial success. For example, they can easily attract love and have a hard time attracting money. The most probable cause of this is that they are “relaxed” when it comes to love and stressed out when it comes to money.
    It is a very good idea to know where negativity is coming from. Is it your belief system? Is it a negative environment? Is it a curse? Is it the people surrounding you? Is it your current state of mind? Is someone projecting constant negative thoughts against you? Is it evil eye due to envy and jealousy of other people towards you? Or maybe you are possessed or have Spirits attached to you?
    If the cause is unknown or if there are possibly several factors, that’s ok, remove the negativity by using a blasting glyph or a st Michael archangel filter so you can successfully work with your Chi Generator.
    And not only that. Living a life without negativity is truly amazing. Just think about it. Feel all the tremendous benefits you will receive once you remove all the negativity, so you will become a natural magnet for everything that is positive: love, money, well being, joy, power, happiness…
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