Planets for business magick
In Business Magick, Venus is used to attract more customers and money. It is also used to better business relationships of all kinds. Venus candles are burnt on Friday, preferably in the morning. Venus has very pleasant energy and it works at an attractant to magnetize desired outcomes to any business. Venus is also governing any businesses that deal with love, romance, relationship and core values niches.

Use green colored 7 day candles for Venus Business Magick Spells.

Ideas for Venus spells:
•On Friday morning, burn Venus candles to attract more customers
•Do Venus candles to have tranquil relationships between your business and your customers
•Burn Venus candles to attract investors and partners
•Do Venus candle to be clear on core values, mission and vision statements for your business.

The business magic spell can also be worked with your chi generator giving the spell a massive boost in energy.