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Thread: Questions about atgs 12000

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    Questions about atgs 12000

    Are the generator s for the 12000 HD generators? Do current owners feel it is worth the price? If so could you mention the operations for which it was used? Thanks for any information provided.

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    Hello jim, Put it this way with ATG 12, you can work on 24 people or 24 operations at the same time. You can also work on just one with an extremely massive energy boost. Or you can work on anyone and anything in between. Now, that’s real power and versatility! The ATG 12000 is an upgraded model from the previous ATG 3000 model, i know people who worked with the previous atg 3000 model and have significantly changed there lives and increased there financial status and still doing really well, so imagine what you could do with the atg 12000 machine, The ATG 12 Is The Dream Machine Of Astrologists, With the ATG 12, not only you can conduct operations on yourself, but you can also start a very demanded and profitable business of influencing astrological trends of very specific events, or actions, when such trends do not appear in an individual chart,
    For example, if someone lacks prosperity energies in their birth chart, you can now fix such a problem and your client will start getting noticeably wealthier and wealthier day by day.

    Its an individual preference we have so many machines on the website its your choice, i personally work with the RAD 5 machine which works really well for me.

    We can offer a payment plan for the ATG 12000 if anyone is interested contact me for more details. thank you.
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