• How to Make Orgonite - Instructions from the inventor of Orgonite, Karl Hans Welz

    If you're on this site, you probably already know that Karl Hans Welz invented Orgonite. The term orgonite is the trademark of Karl Hans Welz. What you may not know is that Karl Hans Welz has a video out that teaches how to make orgonite. Interested in making orgonite for yourself? Check out his orgonite tutorial on youtube here:

    If you've wondered how to make orgonite and want to learn how to make orgonite from the inventor of orgonite himself, the video should help. Feel free to comment and let us know your opinion of this video on how to make orgonite and subscribe to the youtube channel.
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    1. muziqmatrix's Avatar
      i am intrigued. i suspected something really simple was behind it, and Karl has not disappointed. bless you sir.
    1. michaeldager's Avatar
      Are you using any special type, or brand of epoxy?
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