• Setting your chi card as background on iPhone

    Once you have your chi card, which you can subscribe to here: http://www.chi-card.com/activate.html you, of course, know that you can print the card out and carry it in your wallet.

    What you may not realize is that printing the card out isnt even necessary. You can also use it as a background image on your iPhone ... The image above is my background on an iPhone 4s and I'm going to detail the steps to add yours as a background.

    First you'll receive a jpg file by email. Go into your email and save that jpg to your phone. Once it's saved, you can find it under "Photos"

    choose the arrow on the bottom left screen and then choose "use as wallpaper"

    If you need to scale it and then choose "set" and "set home screen" This makes it the background of your phone. You can also choose to set it as your lock screen.

    Once you have it as the wallpaper of your phone you can carry chi energy anywhere you go. It will serve as an EMF protection shield by counteracting continuously EMFs coming from your mobile phone or any nearby sources. You can use the chi card for affirmations. Record your voice on the phone repeating affirmations and play it and the chi energy will boost the affirmations. Play meditations through your phone and they will be boosted as well.

    I hope this short article helps you to recognize the flexibility that chi cards offer when used in conjunction with your chi generator or one in our labs.

    Links to how to set an image as wallpaper on other phones:

    LG 840G: http://tracfone.deviceanywhere.com/n...opagation=end#
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    1. Meltdown's Avatar
      Very cool ! This will reduce negative radiation of cell phone. Do you have an idea to create mobile version of Manifestation program ? Cell phone or tablet will work like a portable mind machine
    1. Renny79's Avatar
      we're working on something like this
    1. Nicely's Avatar
      Hi Renny79,

      This is so awesome!

      Can we also use out Life Energy Transfer also as a phone wallpaper? What do you think?
    1. Renny79's Avatar
      You could if the diagram is printed and placed with your chi card or chi generator. You can use anything as the wallpaper as long as there is a copy also placed with a chi generator or chi card. You wouldnt want an image that a lot of other people use because each copy of the same image halves the structural link, but if you have some specific images you like, you could use a program like photoshop, create a collage out of them, print a copy out to place with a chi card or chi generator and use the image as the wallpaper of your phone and it would do the same thing.
    1. Nicely's Avatar
      Interesting that is very helpful you telling us this cause that would put a bit of a damper on some trends if that was the cause. So I will create my own image for this purpose. Thank you so much for this info. You are absolutely fantastic. Much continued success.
    1. Renny79's Avatar
      You're welcome. I'm glad to be able to help.
    1. Savodonger's Avatar
      Good idea to shield yourself from the bad emissions, and a great way to carry the chi with you instead of transfer couplers
    1. Magico roby's Avatar
      Io ho manifestation program acquistato tempo fa circa 6 o 7 anni , lo usavo con Junior99 ora non funziona piĆ¹ e per questo ho acquistato la chi-card
      pensavo di usare nel manifestation program la chi -card ,in sostituzione del chi trasfer inserito nel program, e cosi utilizzare il manifestation con la chi.card
    1. Magico roby's Avatar
      I manifestation program purchased long ago about 6 or 7 years old, I used it with Junior99 does not work now and that's why I bought the chi-card
      I thought of using the program in the manifestation who -card, in place of those who entered into the Transfer program, and so use the manifestation with chi.card
    1. Speaker's Avatar
      Ive actually gone and saved it on my desktop computer. Will save it on my iphone too. Seen as all my work is on my computer I'm hoping that it will be take a positive effect.