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  1. Chi card with affirmations

    If you'd like to subscribe to a chi card with any affirmation of your choosing, you can now.
    It's similar to the positive energy chi card in design with one main difference. After you subscribe , you email me to let me know the affirmation you'd like to have included on it.
  2. Free Chi Card Subscription when you buy Basic Manifestation Program

    I'm running this for a limited time. A package deal. The Basic Manifestation is $99.00 through the chi-card site and chi cards are $7.77 a month or $5.55 a month depending on the card you choose. For a limited time if you order the basic manifestation program, you will receive a chi card subscription as a gift. You also receive free template packs with the basic manifestation program
  3. Redesigned Chi Card Site

    Working on a redesign of the chi card site. If you have any questions you'd like to have answered, let me know. You can check it out at and email me questions or pm them to me here or just ask them here as well. My goal is to make everything as easy to understand as possible, and no question is a dumb question. If you have it, others likely do too.
  4. Basic Manifestation Program

    You can purchase the basic manifestation program through the chi card site for $99.00 at the following link:

    A chi card and the basic manifestation program is a good way to get started while you decide which chi generator you're interested in. That's the way many people get their start and they then move on to one of the other chi generators or radionics devices.

    If you have any questions about the basic manifestation program and how ...
  5. Basic Manifestation Program Filter Packs - Sex Pack

    Continuing with the descriptions of the filters found with the basic manifestation program, the Sex Filter Pack is one of the more popular packs available. The filters within this filter pack can help get a relationship or improve existing relationships.

    If you don't have it already, the Basic Manifestation Program can be ordered online through the chi card site for only $99.00 :

    If you just want the filter pack to print out the ...
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